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The Lost Boys Collective

The world has a funny way of evolving – to the point we’re coming full circle. The last few decades have been dedicated to developing new technology especially when it comes to cameras and filming. Colour was one of the inventions that defined a big step in that process, it got more and more refined until the point where for some it become over done. The longing for nostalgic times started to drive a push for “vintage” looks and feel to photos. Polaroids came back into foray and you could pick from a multitude of apps for your smart phone. Filming was much the same, Super 8 became more predominate at least in sections and people used the latest in technology in HD cameras and computers to create the throw-back looks in post production. The Black and White edits combine the different worlds seamlessly and give us something progressive whilst at the same time the feel that comes from Black and White.

The Lost Boys Collective

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